What Hosting & Care plan is best for me?

We offer various hosting plans to host your website.  From Basic Hosting Plans to our recommended Website Care Plans to Secure, Optimize and Support your website.  Whatever your budget, you can tailor your plan to suit your business needs.


If you just need a basic website online and emails and don’t need reporting or ongoing technical support then you can go for the basic web & email hosting plan.


Our website care plans are our most popular plans and the ones we highly recommend to keep your website Secure, Up to Date and Always Performing its Functions if you have a content managed website that you update yourself.

These plans include Unlimited Technical Support and our team will be on hand to help you with anything you may need with your website.  Have a question or need advice? Ask away, we’re here to help!  It may be questions on how to use your content manager, help updating your website, questions on your report, new emails, training refreshers etc.  (For Unlimited Design & Content Update Support, please see the grow plan below)

Also included in this plan is weekly Google Analytic Traffic Reporting to monitor your website traffic and we will integrate reporting into your admin dashboard, so you can monitor your traffic analytics real time.

One of the most popular add-ons in this plan is your very own custom Custom Reporting Online Dashboard that tracks absolutely everything on your website, like Google Analytics Traffic, Keyword rankings in Google, Social Media, Website Uptime, Performance + much, much more and we will customize your dashboard to suit your needs.

Here is an example dashboard here

Your content managed website is built in a tool called WordPress which is the most popular platform Content Management System on the market today, due to its ease-of use, flexibility and adaptability and powers 30% of all websites. But due to its popularity, it is targeted and your website software needs to be updated on a regular basis.

The reasons your website needs to be updated regularly is enhanced security, improved performance, bug fixes and compatibility. Each of these factors are important, but security is number one.  More and more websites are getting hacked, including the big players like Facebook & Twitter as well as millions of small businesses. When Website Core software and plugin updates become available, we’ll make sure your website gets updated, complete with the latest security patches.

We keep your website software and server updated with all the latest security updates, we back up your website regularly so if there are any issues, we can get you back online in minutes and we also scan your website regularly to ensure your website has no security issues.

You can relax knowing there will never be any security issues on our Website Care Plans

We also send you monthly Website Care Reports which shows you every security update, backup, security scan completed for the month.


The Maintain Website Care Plan is our most popular plans because we include Up to 6 hours of Website Design/Content Support!! So we take care of all your website updates for you, to leave you to focus on your business.   This is a hugely discounted retainer rate compared to the cost of PAYG updates offering huge savings if you update your website regularly plus all the premium add ons.

One of the key things we do on this plan is Optimize your Website Performance as your website can slow down over time and this will Speed Up your Website and Google will reward with a faster website and rank you higher. It also means a lower bounce rates as your clients don’t like hanging about for your pages to load.

The other great thing about this plan is Uptime Monitoring. It’s important that your website is online 24/7, so we monitor your website uptime to ensure that it is always online and if we are notified of any downtime issues, we get it back online instantly.

The littlest of things can bring your site down like an outdated plugin, an update conflict or issue, overload of server resources, maintenance. Our uptime monitor lets you see exactly when your website is online and is shown in your dashboard and reports at the end of the month.

We also Increase the Number of Security Updates, Backups and Monitoring to Daily, which increases the levels of security and recommended for more important websites or website receiving high traffic.

You will get Higher Priority Unlimited Technical Support and we aim to respond to your support requests asap. If you require design/content updates, we aim to try and get these done asap also.

We also add SEO Keyword Reporting into your dashboard and we can track up to 5 keywords for you in your Online Dashboard. This is an amazing add-on and allows you to see how your website is performing in Google which is really important.  If you are getting your website search engine optimized by us, you will be able to monitor the progress and increases in traffic.

Amazing Value and our most popular plan!!


The Website Grow Care Plan is another very popular plan for those that are constantly looking to grow and update their website with Unlimited Website Design/Content Support!! So we take care of all your website updates for you, to leave you to focus on your business.   Amazing value if you update your website regularly plus all the premium add ons.

The Grow Website Care Plan is the Ultimate Website Care Plan and is the one we recommend if you are serious about growing your business and getting your website into the top positions of Google with Rocket Performance Speeds and regular advice and consultancy to help you get as much out of your website as possible.

In this plan, we will include the Highest Priority Unlimited Technical Support & The Highest Priority Unlimited Design/Content Updates.

We will also Optimize your Website for the Search Engines and Improve your Search Engine Visibility to get your Keywords Ranking Higher in the Search Engines like Google (Up to 5 Keywords) to Increase Traffic, Generate Leads and Improve Sales and you can track your progress via your Online Dashboard and Enhanced Monthly Reports

We will Schedule a Regular Call to discuss how your website is performing and look at give you regular advice and support to help you get more out of your website and see some results.

This is highly recommended if you want to grow your business and help your profits soar.

All of our Care Plans have No Contract, Cancel Anytime

For more information on our Website Care Plans