Understanding your Website Care Report

Our website care report outlines all the recent work we have conducted on your website to keep it up-to-date, backed up and secure. It also includes Google Analytics & SEO Ranking reports to show you how your website is performing, plus Performance & Security Reporting, Optimisation and Uptime Monitoring.

This article details what everything in your website care report means:-


We keep your software and WordPress up to date to ensure that your website performs at its peak and functions at all times and apply updates as soon as they are available to prevent any security issues. Our Monthly report shows you all the important updates completed for the month including all software, plugins and server updates.

Updates are included in all basic website care plans



We protect your website and database with backups every day, week or month, depending on your plan, so if you ever have any security issues or you make any mistakes with your website, we can revert your website back to any previous state instantly.

Your monthly report shows you all the backups completed for that month.

Website Backups are included in all basic website care plans



It’s important that your website is online 24/7, so we monitor your website uptime for you to ensure that it is always online and if we are notified of any issues to get it back online instantly.

The littlest of things can bring your site down like an outdated plugin, an update conflict or issue, overload of the server, maintenance. Our uptime monitor reporting lets you see exactly when your website was online for the month and how quickly it came back online.

This is included in manage website care plans only



One of the most important things you want to see is ‘how many visitors are visiting my website?’ We will send a monthly analytic report with all your data so you can see the amount of traffic coming into your website.

This is included in all basic website care plans



The worst thing about malware is that it could be on your website for months without you even noticing. We need to be vigilant, proactive and check regularly for malware and known

vulnerabilities. Your report will show you the results of the security scanning for the month to give you peace of mind your website has no issues.

This is included in all basic website care plans and reported monthly



We clean up spam comments and optimise your database regularly to speed up your website. As your database grows it can slow down your website performance so we keep everything clean and optimised. Your monthly optimisation report shows you all the optimisation work done for the month.

This is included in manage website care plans only



If your website is slow it can hurt your business a lot. That is why we review your website performance regularly and regularly optimise your website to ensure you’re it is performing at its peak at all times. We also ensure your plugins and code is always on the latest fastest versions.

This is included in Manage website care plans



How your website keywords are performing in the search engines is very important to your business. We keep track on how your keywords are ranking in Google and other search engines, find out who your competitors are and how you compare against them.