Smokeys Brighton

Smokeys Brighton.

Website Design & Development & Branding

Web Design Aberdeen | Smokeys Brighton | Creative Impact

Smokeys is a popular barbecue restaurant that is based in Brighton and their branding designer Toop Studio approached us to help turn their visuals into an amazing website.


Full Digital Project


Web Design & Development, Branding, Search Engine Optimisation, Marketing

We helped Smokey's in Brighton implement a new online presence, booking system and increased their traffic by over 300% which resulted in a large increase in customer bookings

The Brief.

Smokeys worked with a local talented artist who created some fantastic branding and website visuals and we were tasked with converting them to create a modern, responsive framework that displayed their menus and offers. They also wanted to give their customers the ability to book online so we helped integrate a booking system. They also wanted to increase traffic to their website and increase the number of bookings coming in, so needed to get their main keywords ranked high in the search engines.


We took the designer visuals and built a responsive, modern website that was appealing to its customers and reflected them as a leading restaurant over their competitors. We also implemented a search engine optimisation campaign and got their main keyword in to the top positions of Google (See results below) that has helped with customer bookings.


We ensured that the Smokeys Brighton website was mobile and tablet friendly so their customers can view on all devices to make bookings and enquiries.


Web Design Aberdeen | Smokeys Brighton | Creative Impact
Web Design Aberdeen | Smokeys Brighton | Creative Impact
Web Design Aberdeen | Smokeys Brighton | Creative Impact

Project Results.


Increase in traffic to the new Smokeys brighton website since launch
Web Design Aberdeen | Smokeys Brighton | Creative Impact

Web Design & Development.

The web design is really unique and extraordinary to most websites with quirky visuals and unconventional layout and modern, mobile friendly, boxed style format, user friendly with soft colours used and easy to use navigation.

Content Management System Aberdeen

Content Management System.

The client wanted to manage their menus and bookings and news going forward so we installed a really easy-to-use, scalable Content Management System that will allow them to grow their website as their business grows.

Search Engine Optimisation Aberdeen

Search Engine Optimisation.

We optimised their main keyword 'restaurant brighton' into the top positions that has helped with customer bookings and the client see thousands of visitors coming into the website every month